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so i have 4 pokemon on my team.. what should the other 2 be… hmm.. who are some of ur favs?


TDR dream judge list


Rita, Gemini, Boxxa, and Fever. Based upon actual post TDR success. For real though their judgement wouldn’t be hypothetical it would be through experience. Plus they’re all crazy and would be hilarious.

Can we add Tatiana to the list too? And yourself Mya? 

When the rules change unexpectedly…

Daphne you are the winner of this week’s challenge. 

Boxxa and Lacy are up for elimination….


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TDR Week #5 Playalong - “Voulez-Vous Coucher Avec Moi?”


Move Cyber to reveal a message. C’mon mover her. Right over to the left. Just drag the picture over. She has something to tell all of you. 

Cyber LaRose Lip-Sync to Girls! Girls! Girls! by Emilie Autumn [X]

Why Tumblr’s Drag Race should have Cyber LaRose back on TDR


From what I know, that some of the judges currently would not be thrilled to have Cyber back on. But I don’t think it should be what the judges want, I think it should be what the fans of TDR want. 


Now yall don’t need to start thrownin’ shade about Miss Cyber. There are TDR fans who think Cyber is just some thirsty hoe (only true about 99.9% of the time) but Cyber is actually a great candidate for TDR: All-Stars. And here’s why:


Alright, so I know some of the fans of TDR, don’t like the Fashion style of Cyber, BUT I believe you don’t need to have this amazing wardrobe, or many sets of costumes to be successful, you just need to have enthusiasm for TDR itself. 

Cyber was waiting so long to be on All-Stars! Why? Because she fucking loves to do it and her enthusiasm carries her through. 

Her enthusiasm for TDR and drag, has led Cyber to constantly give out new looks, new lip syncs, and do TinyChats for people. (Plus her makeup has gotten so fierce compared to her previous cycle) 


Last cycle, Cyber never won a challenge. I understand that. However, for that ten weeks Cyber was on, she scored 6/10 highs. I know that isn’t a great argument within itself, but it shows that Cyber can do well and probably now has the potential to win a main challenge. 

Now I’m not saying Cyber would win TDR: All-Stars. (I honestly believe Lacy Lane will win) but Cyber wouldn’t quit or give-up on TDR. 

Judges, I know my ask was kinda silly but this post is serious. I want you to consider adding Cyber LaRose back on TDR: All-Stars. 


(BTW, I read Wicca’s post on this and I now I understand why the judges can’t accept anyone to come back in the competition.)

Mini Challenge #1 - Why It Gotta Be Grey?


For our first mini challenge, the queens were asked to create a makeup look using only black, white, and shades of grey.

Gentlemen start your engines and may the best woman win!

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BUT CYBER LAROSE KILLED IT! My top three for this Mini challenge were Cyber, Gemini, and Wednesday. But I loved Cyber’s look the most! 


Pleasantville (1998)

This  is what it is like to cosplay homestuck

This is what I imagine what the TDR girls will have to do. 

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People who thought Courtney was going to win.